Fun Listening Exercise for Beginners

Listen to and complete the story with words provided.

Part 1:
Mrs. Green was the manager of a _____company, and she frequently had to ____ meetings with other business people in a room in her _______. She did not smoke _______ but many of the other people at the meeting ______. So, she often found the air during the meeting _______.

(terrible —- at all —-large—- did —- building —- have)

Part 2:
Listen to

One day after ______, her throat and eyes were ______, and she was coughing a lot. So she called a big _______ company and asked them to work out _______ it would cost to keep the air of the meeting room in her building _______. After a few days, the air conditioning company sent in two ______ for Mrs. Green to choose from. One estimate was for _______ to put a new air conditioning, and the other was for $5 for a _____ which said “No Smoking”.

(really clean—-estimates—- air conditioning—- $5,000 —- an hour —- how much —- sign—- sore)



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