Apakah TOEFL itu?

TOEFL adalah singkatan dari Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL adalah test  kecakapan (proficiency) Bahasa Inggris.  Nilai (score) TOEFL dalam jumlah tertentu menjadi syarat untuk masuk universitas2 di  Amerika, Kanada dll.. Di Indonesia, score TOEFL dipergunakan  untuk melanjutkan studi atau aplikasi kerja khususnya di perusahaan2 internasional. Sekarang, persyaratan score TOEFL juga diperlukan dalam […]

TOEFL Listening Part A: Meaning Question

Conversation 1 Listen to Meaning_1 and choose the best answer. (A)   He  doesn’t mind the traffic (B)   He takes the bus to work. (C)   He has to stand on the bus if he takes the bus   to work. (D)   He wants to ride to work with the woman. Conversation 2 Listen to Meaning_2 and choose […]

Strategies in Doing Listening Part A

Before listening to the conversation, try to read all possible answers of each number.  This will help you in understanding the conversation. Some words or phrases on the answers may appear in the conversation.  However, you need to be careful since some different words may have similar sounds.  You must be also very careful and […]

Types of Questions in Listening Part A

In most Paper-Based Test (PBT), usually there are  at least 9 types of questions.  They are –      Meaning questions. This type of question asks what the speaker means by his words. –      Implication questions. This type of question usually asks the implicit meaning of what is said.

Listening Part A

In Part A of the TOEFL test, test takers will hear short conversations between two speakers.  At the end of each conversation, a third voice will ask a question about what was said. In the actual TOEFL test, the conversation and the question will be spoken just one time. After the test takers  hear the […]