Berikut ini adalah contoh Listening TOEFL Part C. 39. (A) Spain (B) Latin America (C) Florida (D) America 40. (A) Soccer (B) Handball (C) Football (D) Horse racing 41. (A) Jai alai is one of the fastest moving games. (B) Jai alai requires a great deal of skill and endurance. (C) Jai alai can be […]

Contoh Listening TOEFL Part B

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal TOEFL Listening Part B. (Karena ukuran file yang besar, percakapan disajikan dalam bentuk transcript). Questions 35 through 38 are based on the following conversation. Woman: I hear that Paul Schmidt has written a new novel. Man: Yes, it’s a science fiction piece called Martian Renaissance. Woman: Sounds intriguing. What’s the […]

TOEFL Listening Exercises

The followings are exercises for TOEFL Listening. Presented by Fakultas Bahasa Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA). Direction: Listen to the conversation and answer the question by choosing the most appropriate option provided. Number 1: Listen (A) He does not know who Susan is. (B) He is willing to give Susan a ride. (C) He does […]

Toefl Listening Part A: Action Questions

Action questions asks about what the person will most probably do after the conversation. Usually the question is “What is the speaker probably going to do?” or “What will the man / the woman probably do?”.

TOEFL Listening Part A: Reference questions

Reference question adalah pertanyaan yang mempertanyaakan tentang objek (orang / benda dll) yang dibicarakan. Contoh:

TOEFL Listening Part A: Implication Question

Dalam TOEFL Listening Part A, implication question adalah pertanyaan yang mempertanyakan maksud tersirat dari ucapan penutur.