SPEECH ORGANS Speech organs or articulators are organs which are used by human being to produce speech sounds. The organs are: 1. The Pharynx (tenggorok): is a tube which begins just above the larynx. It is about 7 cm long in women and about 8 cm in men. In its top end (ujung atas) it […]


By Hartono UNISSULA • Phonetics: a science that studies phones or speech sounds. It is the study of inventory and the structure of the sounds of speech (O’ Grady, at al, 1997). • Phonetics is the study of production, transmission, and reception of speech sounds. • The science which studies the characteristics of human sound […]

English Consonants

consonants are produced when the air flow is obstructed, impeded or even diverted. we classify consonants based on the place or acticulation, manner of articulation and the state of the vocal cords. if you want to know more, follow this English Consonants

Speech organs

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English Consonants

English Consonants Hartono, S.S., M.Pd. College of Languages Sultan Agung Islamic University (Colasula) Characteristics


ENGLISH DIPHTHONGS AND TRIPHTHONGS By: Hartono, S.S., M.Pd. College of Language (COLASULA) Sultan Agung Islamic University Definition: