Revision of Reviews

The Karate Kid (2010) The karate kid is a 2010 Chinese-American martial arts comedy-drama film. Harald Zwart directed a film who was succeed to manage the display and the beauty of China besides the wall of China. Its author, Christopher Murphey has a brilliant idea which decides to head to China instead of California. The […]

Revision of News Report

New Year’s Eve Celebration in Pati New Year 2016 was greeted with the spirit and enthusiastic in a celebration of the new year’s eve at the town square of Pati last week. The celebration was attended by the regent, Haryanto and the whole society of Pati who participated to enliven the atmosphere that night by […]

Revision of Third Person Narratives

The absurd things at a plane The story tells about the life of a young man who named Fernando. He was a smart and diligent man, especially in the field of design. He worked as an architect in one of the leading company in New York City. Fernando lived in an apartment which was located […]

Revision of Short Story

The miracle from God One day, I had a little problem with my best friend, Rani. It started when we went to a festival near from my house. In festival we met a man, he is my old friend, Andi. I never met him for long time and we greeted each other. Suddenly Rani left […]

Revision of First Person Narratives

The experience of My life This story began when I graduated from Senior High School in 2013. At the time, I had given a choices and responsibilities of my parents, and I must be ready to accept the sequences of my choice. The first option was continuing of father’s career, in which the future of […]

Revision of Describing Events

Sedekah Bumi Sedekah Bumi is one of the unique events in Central Java. “Sedekah” means praying or congratulating, while “Bumi” means earth in which we live and do activities. Sedekah Bumi takes place every year in Pati, a regency bordering the Sea of Java in the north which is famous with slogan of “Pati Bumi Mina […]